Hi! Welcome to our marketplace! We are so excited you're here. If you're a newcomer, here's a quick history of Jitneys:

Jitney's Journeys began as a blog to document our adventures of being newlyweds in 2010. When my husband, JD, accepted a career opportunity in Huntsville, AL, our little newlywed blog quickly turned into a true 'adventure blog' as we traveled the world for his job. I opened a small Etsy shop to maintain my creative juices while being able to work and travel with JD at the same time. Over the years, Jitneys has transitioned from a handcrafted goods shop (of aprons, coffee cozies and placemats) to more of a design and illustration shop (of planners, art prints and stationery). All of the artwork you see has been inspired by God's Word, our travels and everything nature (or, let's be honest, floral) related. While I do most of the hands-on work, Jitneys wouldn't be possible without the support, encouragement and patience from JD and Mia Kai. You can learn more about each of us individually below!

"handsome husband" to whitney // daddy // techie + systems engineer // tmnt + marvel enthusiast // world traveler

"beautiful bride" to jd // mama // avid pen collector // illustrator // floral obsessed // owner, writer + designer of jitneys

"sweet baby" to jd + whitney // giggle box when prompted // adorer of tags + books // brave little pineapple // cranio warrior

Our goal is to seek out adventures in castles and meadows; mountains and oceans; and most importantly, in the arms of Christ. Airplanes seem to settle our spirits more than rattle them, and there is nothing more precious to us than experiencing all of these things together as a family. Follow our adventures on Instagram (@jitneysjourneys) and on our blog