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Hi! Welcome to our marketplace! We are so excited you're here. If you're a newcomer, here's a quick history of Jitneys:

JD and Whitney met at Auburn University in 2009, fell in love and married two weeks after graduation in 2010. Their original goal post-college was to move away and establish their new family in the throes of an international mission field, just him, her and Jesus. But the only path available was to live beside her grandparents’ lake house in a small bungalow in middle Georgia. It was far from what they had planned but it was the perfect setting for their first year of marriage. They made the most of it and started a little newlywed blog about adventures they had on the lake and walking through the woods.

One year later, JD received a phone call from Huntsville, AL, with an incredible job offer - one where he could pursue his ideal career and would allow them to travel together. They packed up a Uhaul and drove up to their new home. Soon they would find that their international mission field was still possible, but it would just look a bit different than having to raise support or venturing with a global activity in mind. His career would take them around the world with ample opportunities to connect with people and to love them well. Whitney began a small Etsy shop to maintain her creative juices while being able to work and travel with JD at the same time.

Over the years, Jitneys has transitioned from a handcrafted goods shop (of aprons, coffee cozies and placemats) to more of a design and illustration shop (of planners, art prints and stationery). Each print and design is intricately created and inspired by the Word of God and the places He’s allowed us to travel throughout our marriage. The ultimate goal in our company, travels and family is to know Christ and to make Him known.

While Whitney does most of the hands-on work, Jitneys wouldn't be possible without the support, encouragement and patience from JD and Mia Kai.

You can learn more about each of us individually below!


JD: "handsome husband" to whitney • daddy • techie + systems engineer • tmnt + marvel enthusiast • world traveler

WHITNEY: “beautiful bride" to jd • mama • avid pen collector • illustrator • floral obsessed • owner, writer + designer of jitneys

MIA KAI: "sweet baby" to jd + whitney • giggle box when prompted • adorer of books + baking • intense observer • brave little pineapple • cranio warrior


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